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Deductible Payments Management

The simple solution to closing more deals without adding undue difficulty or expense to your customer / sales process

Closing more deals with Lion Bridge is easy

Step 1

Setup a free partner account with Lion Bridge

Step 2

Have your customers signup for their deductible under your account with an easy to use QR scan

Step 3

Get paid on all your customer payments

Dynamic and Scalable

The Lion Bridge service uses dynamic calculations that scale based on customer deductible, downpayment, length of term and the processing fee adjust to this as well.

The larger the deductible the lower percentage processing fee Lion Bridge charges, so you aren’t penalized with a flat rate for large projects.

Lion Bridge manages it all

Once you sign a customer up,  we manage everything from payment captures, reminders, notices and payouts.

Every aspect of the payment capture and management is automated for you. Lion Bridge is an easy to use system allowing you to leverage more deals.

Take advantage of the flexibility Lion Bridge offers

1 to 7 Year Deductible Payment Plans

Your customers can divide their deductible into monthly payments spanning 1 to 7 years.

Take scaling partial downpayments

Require a downpayment that automatically adjusts the monthly payment calculation.

Capture the full deductible in one lump sum

You can take the full deductible payment and get the insurance notifications benefit.

How does it work?

Your customers sign up under your account

They split their deductible up into monthly payments. No financing fees or hidden costs are added.

Their payments are calculated dynamically

They can choose to pay out their deductible over 1 to 7 years and can add a downpayment to further reduce their monthly bill. The calculations occur on the fly and are visible to your customer.

Lion Bridge manages the entire process

The payments are automatically drafted from the details on file and credited to your account for payout. The system handles payment retry and even communicates with your customer for events like expired cards or payment failure.

The system handles automated communication

Lion Bridge uses the information your customer signed up with to contact their insurance company with a record of their deductible plan automatically. Providing proof of deductible payment arrangement so their final payout isn't held up.

You get paid from every payment

You get paid any downpayment and every monthly payment until the deductible is paid in full.

No monthly fees

No hidden costs

No difficult app

Just you – closing more deals, earning more money and satisfying more customers.

Lion Bridge provides proof of deductible payment arrangement to Insurance Companies to comply with the law, preventing final payouts from being held up.

Insurance Companies love the ease of working with Lion Bride

Just a few listed insurance companies that Lion Bridge has worked with

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